Don’t Put Things Off

Even if your chimney is simply decorative, there will still be a time where you need to contact Clark Grant Roofing for chimney repairs.

Chimney repairs in Glasgow

Not a lot of people are aware of just how important chimney repairs are. If neglected, chimneys can degrade and ultimately collapse – with pedestrians at risk from falling debris. There have been plenty of cases where property owners have been liable for injuries suffered by civilians from chimney damage.

The best way to protect yourself against such extreme circumstances is to have your chimney inspected on a regular basis.

The team at Clark Grant Roofing have years of experience with general chimney repairs, repointing and chimney replacement. If you’re unsure about your chimney problems or can’t remember the last time you had an inspection, call our team and we’ll offer you the best advice for your situation. We can handle much more than chimney repairs, with our team being experts in flat roofs, gutter repairs and leadwork.

Typical Chimney Repairs

One of the more common issues with chimneys is blockages. All sorts of debris can gain access to your chimney causing the blockage. Once our experts identify the problem, we can have your chimney working properly again in no time.

Another issue to be aware of is downdraught. For the uninitiated, downdraught involves an influx of hot or cold air to come down your chimney, altering the temperature of the living room. As you’d imagine the Scottish weather isn’t the kindest, so more often than not you’ll experience a blast of cold air that ruins the comfort for those sitting there.

Whatever the issue, trust the local team with the skills and experience to get things sorted – trust Clark Grant Roofing.

Don’t put things off, speak to our chimney repairs experts today on 0141 954 3000, or send us an email.