Flat Roofs – Repairs & Installation

Here at Clark Grant Roofing, we understand how important it is to keep a flat roof in perfect condition.

New Flat Roofs Glasgow

That’s why we offer assistance in all aspects of flat roofing. From the latest EPDM rubber roofing systems through to traditional felt flat roofing systems, our roofers are on hand to give you the best service and performance possible.

When a flat roof works perfectly, it creates a watertight seal between the elements and the property below. Issues can start to occur when damaged areas of the roof start to allow water to enter the property. This is where our flat roofing services come into their own.

We’ll carry out a full roof survey of your property and recommend the best roofing repairs or new roof installation. If a new installation is the way to go, then Clark Grant Roofing are the local experts to speak to, with experience including;

The moment you notice that you have a problem with your flat roof, we recommend that you give us a call. These problems can worsen quickly, especially during stormy weather and you could be facing a big leak in next to no time. Damp and other problems can also cause extensive damage, especially in areas such as garages and dormers.

Insured & Guaranteed

We specialise in many aspects of flat roofing repair and installation, and all of the work that we carry out is insured and guaranteed.

Whether you need help choosing a replacement flat roof, or you have a new build such as an extension that you need a new roof for, we can give you advice that’s expertly tailored to your needs.

To discuss our full range of new flat roofs, contact us today on 0141 954 3000, or send us an email.