The Beauty of Slate Roofs

Long considered as being one of the most stylish options in the roofing industry, a new slate roof from Clark Grant Roofing will afford your property a unique style – unmatched by any other option.

Slate Roofs in Glasgow

The essence of slate roofs can be boiled down to a couple of factors – style and longevity.

Mass produced roof tiles and slates are lovely and come in a wide range of colours, but local slate tiles are something else altogether.

Local slate will have its own style depending on where it comes from. Spanish slate will differ from the Welsh option, which differs again from Scottish slate. For Clark Grant roofing’s customers, it means that you’ll have a multitude of options to choose from. Regardless of which local slate tile you choose, you’ll be blown away with how gorgeous they are.

It’s because of this added style that local slate tiles are more expensive than their mass produced counterparts. Another reason for the added cost is the longevity of the tiles. Local slate tiles have the capacity to last for around 100-150 years with a proper installation, so this really is a product that can last a lifetime.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing

As slate roofs last much longer than generic asphalt roofs, less roofing waste will be sent to landfills around the country. For the eco-conscious amongst us, this will hold a huge appeal when comparisons are made.

The maths are simple, local slate roofs can last upwards of 100 years. Compare this to the standard 20-30 year period that the others offer and you’ll see the difference. Longevity isn’t the only benefit here though as slate tiles from Clark Grant Roofing are completely fire proof.

Unfortunately it’s not everyone that can benefit from a slate roof as the requirements are relatively complex.

First and foremost, your property must be able to handle the weight of a slate roof. The weight will vary depending on if you’re using local or man-made slate, however you should arrange for an expert to conduct a survey on your property’s structural integrity.

Next up is consistency. As highlighted earlier, the design and style of your property will need the roof to adhere to it. If there are issues where some of your local slate tiles break, it can be problematic trying to replace them with a perfect match. You should remember that slate tiles are fragile – certainly more so than their tiled counterparts.

The final deliberation will be cost. Like any roof installation, customers will have a budget to adhere to. Just be mindful that slate roofs are more expensive than some of the other options like tiled roofs.

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