Quick, Easy Installations

A new tiled roof will do a whole lot more for you than look pretty. Tiled Roofs from Clark Grant Roofing are stylish, easy to install and can last for years.

New Tiled Roofs in Glasgow

With more and more people looking to increase the value of their property, the style of your roof has become more important in recent years. The roofing experts at Clark Grant Roofing have many years of experience with tiled roof installations, so we can be trusted to get things right for you.

Once you’ve chosen the style of your new roof, there’s nothing better than a quick, professional installation. The beauty of a new tiled roof is how fast our roofing experts can install it.

With today’s roofing industry having plenty of new roof styles to choose from, comparisons are inevitable. Clark Grant Roofing offer each of these including the likes of slate, fibreglass and liquid rubber roofs. When you consider each of the options in turn, a tiled roof is one of the fastest options to install. This leads to lower installation and maintenance costs – which certainly doesn’t hurt.

Tiled Roof Repairs

Maintenance costs are important as if neglected, you could end up facing coslty tiled roof repairs. Once again, roof repairs are relative, you’re at the mercy of the style of roof that you chose to install. Tiled roofs are easier to repair as each roof tile is installed individually. That doesn’t mean that a tiled roof is quick to suffer damage though. Testing has been conducted by industry bodies to evaluate how tiled roofs react to extreme weather such as cold, heat, wind, hail and rain.

While all roofs suffer inevitable damage, the durability of a tiled roof is considerable. When installed by professionals, tiled roofs can withstand winds upwards of 130mph. Taking things a step further, both clay and concrete tiles can absorb blows from hailstones that are the size of golf balls. The Scottish weather can be pretty dire, but Clark Grant Roofing can protect your property against any weather.

Modern Tiled Roof Styles

At their core, Tiled Roofs are capable of complimenting the design of any property – however complex it may be.

This is owed to the simplicity of the roof’s design. Customers can choose from either concrete or clay tiles, both of which are available in a wide range of colours. As the roof should complement the exterior design of the property, it’s possible to use a variety of tile colours, depending on your requirements. If you want to blend lighter and darker shades together, it’s no problem for us.

When the team at Clark Grant Roofing have finished the job, it’s time to enjoy your new tiled roof. The improved aesthetics isn’t the only thing you’ll enjoy, how about the increased value of your property? There’s more than enough market data to suggest that properties with tiled roofs sell better than those with generic asphalt styled roofs.

To discuss a new tiled roof with our experts, contact us today on 0141 954 3000, or send us an email.